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2009 Racing Schedule
Schedule Subject To Change
March  April May
28th Tentative Opening Weekend 4th Non Points Race 2nd 4th Points Race
  Gates Open - 12:00 Go-Kart Meeting - 3:00 pm World Formula Points Race
  Practice - 1:00 - 6:00 pm 11th 1st Points Race 9th 5th DOUBLE Points Race
18th 2nd Points Race 16th 6th Points Race
World Formula Points Race 23rd 7th Points Race
25th 3rd Points Race 30th CLOSED WEEKEND
June July August
6th 8th Points Race 4th CLOSED WEEKEND 1st 14th Points Race
13th 9th Points Race 11th 11th Points Race green prom 8th CLOSED WEEKEND
Slingshot Empire Race World Formula Points Race 15th 15th DOUBLE Points Race
Slingshot Junior National 18th 12th Points Race World Formula Points casual wedding of the casual Race
20th 10th DOUBLE Points Race Slingshot Empire Race 22nd 16th Points Race
World Formula Points Race 25th 13th Points Race 29th 17th Points Race
September October October / Novemberfest Information
5th 18th Points Race 3rd 21st Points Race 10/23 Friday Night Practice
12th 19th Points Race 10th 22nd Points Race 10/24 Saturday Racing
World Formula Points Race 17th LAST Points Race 10/25 Sunday Racing
19th CLOSED WEEKEND 10/30-11/1 - 1st Make up weekend 
26th 20th DOUBLE Points Race 11/6-11/8 - 2nd Make up weekend 
Whatever make up weekend we don't use we will run a Turkey race.
Please Note:
~ You must run 18 point races and be present at the banquet to be eligible for year end trophy and awards.
~ Burris Tire Rule in Effect for the 2009 Season - 33s or 55s only - includes Novemberfest.
~ Senior Slingshots will not have points races on June 13th or July 18th due to the Empire Tour Race.
~ Junior Slingshots will not have a points race on June 13th due to the Junior National.
~ The two lowest points races will be dropped, not including disqualifications.